The Elves are now making their way from the Hetland Garden Centre adoption centre to homes all across Dumfries and Galloway! It is getting closer and closer to Christmas and the elves are hard at work travelling back and forth to Santa with good news of all the new names to be added to the nice list (or bad news if the naughty list is getting bigger!) The Elf on the Shelf can only do this however once you adopt them and give them a name. Naming your Elf on the Shelf is what unlocks their special christmas magic.

Elf on the shelf

Every morning as the elves return from the North Pole bright and early, before the house has stirred, they pick a new place to sit and watch the fun and laughter of the house unfold. Children find it incredibly fun to race around the house and find the new place that the elf has decided to perch for the day. They can’t touch them however, as the elves will lose their christmas magic! Here are Hetland, we thought we would give you some imaginative places that your elf could decide to sit for the day.


Curtain Rail

elf on the shelf

Placed on top of a curtain rail the Elf on the Shelf is in the perfect location to see the games played throughout the day. Your elf will also be high enough to be out of reach of little hands, but still easily spotted!



elf on the shelf

Nestled among the books on the bookcase will provide a challenging find for the children. A shelf towards the top will also prevent any temptation to pick the elf off the shelf.


Television Stand

If the elf on the shelf chooses to sit on the television stand he or she is in an ideal spot in the house. At the centre of all of the fun and games, the elf has a great view to sit and watch the children throughout the day.


Mantel Piece

elf on the shelf

The mantel piece is also a great place for the Elf on the Shelf to sit. Another location out of reach of tempted hands but also right at the heart of the action.
The Elf on the Shelf loves to move around the house so try and think of some more imaginative places for your elf to sit! The more the elf moves around the house, the more fun and excitement is built as the children try and find where they are hiding! Your Elf on the Shelf might like to sit in the kitchen? or the bathroom? Anywhere you can think of to make the challenge of finding them fun! Visit Hetland Garden Centre to adopt your very own Elf on the Shelf if you haven’t already!