Have you been to see the Hetland Garden Centre Reindeer yet?

Ever wondered what Santa’s Reindeer get up to for the rest of the year? They come for their holidays with us here at Hetland Garden Centre! After all, how else would Santa get here all the way from the North Pole? Bring your little ones along to experience the magic of meeting our real life reindeer. This friendly bunch are up and about between the hours of 9-5.30pm and in the meantime here are our five favourite facts about the Hetland Garden Centre Reindeer.

  1. Reindeers have excellent noses, they can use this to sniff our lichens to eat under the snow. Even up to 2 feet deep! Handy when the elves have eaten all the mince pies.
  2. Reindeers were built for the cold and can lower the body temperature in their legs to keep their core warm when temperatures drop.
  3. In winter time, the reindeer grow their hair long enough to cover their mouths which not only keeps their muzzles stay warm whilst foraging in the snow but actually warms cold air before it gets to their lungs.
  4. They grow a new set of antlers every year! Both males and females grow antlers, the males renew each winter and the females keep theirs until the give birth to their young in the spring. Like a human fingerprint, no two sets of antlers are exactly the same.
  5. Reindeer can run at speeds of up to 50mph, essential with so many so many houses to visit on Christmas eve.

Children can meet Santa, along with Mrs Clause and all the reindeer here at Hetland this December until the 18th. Parents can also treat themselves to some festive delights in the Oak Tree Tea Room, serving a variety of home made meals, soups, sandwiches and cakes along with a selection of hot drinks to warm you up.

The Hetland Reindeer are at the Garden Centre until the 18th of December – so get down quick! Have a look at our Christmas page to find out more