So you fancy yourself as a Dino Park ranger do you?

Let us tell you; those dinosaurs are a big deal to look after. Are you sure?

OK then, let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

We’ll walk you through a typical day for one of our Dino Park Rangers and see if you’ve got what it takes!

Opening up

With all of our dinosaurs here at the park that means a lot of big hungry mouths to feed in the morning! We need to make sure they’re all fed and happy for when you come to visit.

You wouldn’t want to meet them when they are hungry!

Keep an eye out for our Dino park wheels! (we use it to collect escaped raptors throughout South West Scotland 😉

Fully test the Play Park Area

Now, to the untrained eye, this may look like one of our rangers just messing about on a slide, but this is just one of our many daily checks.

Here, our dino park ranger is checking, surface humidity, whooshiness and angle of descent.

We now know, from over 10,000 checks,  that it is actually impossible to complete this test without smiling.

Bouncy castle

One dinosaur we know you’ll definitely love to meet is the bouncy dinosaur! Head down to the bouncy dinosaur castle to have a bouncing great time.

Under the watchful eye of our rangers of course.

Hayley, not only on Bouncy Castle duty but also chief hat looker afterer!

Dinosaur facts and stories

All of our rangers love to fill your little dinosaurs heads with interesting facts and wonderful stories about our residents here at the park. You will leave the park as a dino expert! (you’ll know almost as much as we do!)

The Dino Den is a great place to have fun and be educated all about the dinosaurs that walked the earth millions of years ago. You’ll even find out which dinosaurs still walk the earth today!

Dig for bones

So after we fill your little dinosaurs head with fun filled facts about all those dinosaurs that used to exist millions of years ago, you’re going to want to see them for yourself!

That’s why we have specialist rangers waiting to help you discover the world of paleontology and take a peek into the past.

What will you uncover? A long lost bone maybe?

A bite to eat

All this hard work means you are probably ready for a little refreshment!

The Dino Bite is a great little cafe where we have lots of refreshing drinks and tasty snacks waiting to fill the tummies of hungry little dinosaurs. With a selection of home baking as well, you’ll be refuelled and ready for the rest of the day.

Down into the mine

So after a pit stop, we are ready to go and continue our adventure.

This time, the Rangers will take you underneath, that’s right, underneath the volcano! The ranges will take you down into the depths of the mine to see what you might discover.

Keep your eyes peeled, though…who knows what dinosaurs might be lurking in the shadows?

Don’t worry. Next, we’re off to The Enchanted Woodland

You need supervision when checking this little magical kingdom, some of its residents are pretty quick!

If you look carefully, you’ll spot the tiny little doors some of our fairies have placed on the trees.

A very popular thing to do in the Enchanted Woodland is to place your hand on the Worry Tree.

Did you know Mother Nature has given each worry tree the powers to take your worries away when you place your hand upon it?



Let us give you a hand

You made it.

You made it through a day as a dino park ranger! Now all that’s left to do, if you’re brave enough, is sit in the hand of our mighty gorilla and take a picture to show all your friends.