Gardening doesn’t have to be hard work and laborious; show your Budding Gardeners that it can actually be very interesting and fun. Take growing mint for example, or any other herb that is capable of growing indoors as well as outdoors. Growing mint inside means you can now get creative with how you grow it. Think a little outside the plant pot! Mint can be grown in whatever you can get your hands on says Sainsbury’s Bank; old teacups sinks or baths!


A great activity to do with your Budding Gardeners, following another Sainsbury’s Bank guide, before growing the mint is searching for the perfect container for your mint to grow in. You could decorate and paint a container or plain plant pot to make it look bright and colourful sitting on the windowsill. Just be sure to pick a container with holes in the bottom to allow for drainage!


There are a couple of things to remember when planting and growing mint. If you are using small containers make sure you only plant one per pot. Mint plants like their space and so even in bigger pots they need to be around 40cm apart. Mint also like both sun and shade so you and your Budding Gardeners need to decide on the ideal spot for your mint pot to live. Water your plant enough to keep it happy but don’t give it too much or else it will not be able to drain away quick enough. Finally mint normally grows very fast for a plant, so look after it and you will be able to pick the leaves in no time!   

crafty-garden-ideas-grow-mintSainsbury’s Bank Guide to Growing Your Own Mint