Hetland Garden Centre constantly strive to provide you and your Budding Gardeners with exciting activities and interesting new plant ideas to keep you enticed by the garden. Gardening doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Contrary to popular belief you also do not need to have a lot of space available to be able to grow beautiful plants. There are many plants that are capable of surviving indoors and even strive being kept in indoor conditions. For those of you that do not have garden space outside; window boxes, potted shrubs or even hanging baskets are a fantastic solution to a lack of space.


Similar to the guides and advice Hetland Garden Centre put together for you, Sainsbury’s Bank have also put together a collection of handy guides to help you make the most of your garden. The latest guide available is how to create a beautiful (and tasty) window garden full of delicious strawberries.


Growing strawberries inside will show your Budding Gardeners the rewards that can be reaped by growing their own juicy fruit. Strawberries can grow anywhere and quite fast. Therefore, quickly being able to pick strawberries straight from a plant that they have grown, will teach them the value of home grown and organic food.


Sainsbury’s Bank guide is very easy to follow and will help you on your way to window boxes full of delicious strawberries! Hetland Garden Centre have a range of easy to grow indoor plants that you also could grow alongside your strawberry plants. Create your very own indoor vegetable garden!

crafty-garden-ideas-grow-strawberries-2Sainsbury’s Bank Guide to Growing Your Own Strawberries