Hetland Garden Centre are always trying to give you new and exciting activities to keep your Budding Gardeners interested in the wonderful outside world of your garden. Sainsbury’s Bank have also put together some fantastic guides to help you create incredible homemade additions for your garden and we thought they were too goo not to share with you!


The first in the series from Sainbury’s Bank is a guide, similar to Hetland’s guide, on how to build your very own bird feeder! Using an emptied and cleaned plastic bottle and string or wire, create two holes at the top of the neck of the bottle so the feeder will hang from your chosen tree. This Build a Bottle Feeder also has handy perches (made from pencils) for the birds so they can sit and nibble the feed at their leisure!  


There is loads of fun to be had with your Budding Gardeners making this crafty bird feeder. Make use of old plastic bottles too, this is a great way to recycle used plastic rather than just throwing it away. Birds in the wild struggle to find enough food from natural sources due to the harsher weather conditions in the winter. This means that it is vital for you and your budding gardeners to create these bird feeders so as to provide the birds with a plentiful supply of food to last throughout the winter. Hetland Garden Centre also have an extensive range of bird feed available for you to fill your bottle feeders with.

Sainsbury’s Bank Guide to Build a bottle bird feeder