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-Like to keep on top of of your garden before Christmas kicks off?
-We have compiled a short guide to gardening in December.


Love it or loathe it, December is the perfect time to roll your sleeves up and dig your soil over. Winter frosts can help break down newly turned clods. When digging over beds and borders try and include organic matter. Forking over will help prepare the soil for next year and will unearth any pests for the birds to take care off.


If you have a few spare hours, pruning dormant plants in December is a great idea. It will aid their growth next season and you can also remove or tidy up any dead or damaged wood at the same time.


It’s fair to say that frosts and plants are not a match made in heaven! Make sure to properly insulate pots using bubble wrap. Insulating greenhouses with bubble wrap and checking heaters are working properly can also go a long way to protecting your more fragile plants and flowers. If you need to buy a heater these are highly recommended.


December is also a great time to clear those slippery garden paths and paving stones of any moss and lichen that has accrued. Clearing debris from sheds and greenhouses is also important to prevent slugs and snails setting up camp in such warm and damp conditions.

New Stock

December may not be the most obvious time to buy new stock and get busy with planting. However, certain plants such as strawberry plants and blackberry bushes thrive in wintery conditions and our garden shop Dumfries is always getting ready to go, ready to produce sweet tasting crop in the summer. A whole host of other plants and shrubs can be grown indoors so why not check out our fantastic range or ask any of our informative staff at our wonderful garden shop Dumfries.