Getting back in to the Garden in February

Traditionally, February is a time of waking up and warming up after what always feels like a long winter, as our gardens and their inhabitants prepare for the approaching spring. You may be forgiven for wondering if we have indeed left January behind at all this year! But whether this transitional month brings the year’s first tentative snow drops or actual snow flakes to your garden, you can rest assured in the fact that the days are getting longer, light levels are increasing and temperatures are on the up.

With spring just around the corner, there’s plenty to be getting on with in the Garden in February…

  • As long as the ground isn’t frozen, this is the perfect month to prepare seed beds and cover them to help warm the soil before planting. Dig over new beds when the soil is dry.
  • If its mild enough, or in areas with light sandy soil, you can now sow some vegetables under cover including broad beans, carrots, parsnips, early beetroot, bulb onions, lettuces, radish, peas, spinach and summer cabbages. Garlic and shallots can also be planted out in lighter soils, which are quicker to warm up than heavier clay based soils.
  • Keep birds off crops and areas you intend to sow by installing protective netting
  • Prune winter flowering shrubs in preparation for next year, along with evergreens or deciduous hedges that may need a spring clean. This is a good time to cut back any bits of lawn that have become unruly over the winter months and remove dead grass from around these areas.
  • Chit (or sprout!) potato tubers, this speeds up growth and results in a greater harvest. Simply place your tubers upright with their ‘eyes’ or nodules facing upright in a light and cool but frost free place like a porch or shed.

Make the most of this month in your garden in February with Hetland Garden Centre and you’ll really be able to enjoy the spring when it arrives!