If it hasn’t quite sprung already, by mid March Spring has usually arrived. Your preparations made during the winter months will paying off and with improving weather you’ve more chances to get out and enjoy your garden. Here are Hetland Garden Centres top tips for gardening in March:

Lawn Management

If the weather is mild enough you may have to start cutting your grass this month. This year we’ve had a few lovely sunny days already, mixed with chilly nights and still some frosty mornings – so play it by ear. You can lay new turf as long as the ground isn’t frozen or waterlogged, just be careful to work from wooden planks to avoid compacting the soil. Leave freshly laid turfs alone for a few weeks to let their roots establish.

Protect New Growth

Young seedlings and new growth on herbaceous plants are particularly susceptible to damage by slugs. One option is to use ‘nemaslug’ which is most effective in moist warm soils during spring and autumn. Or you can scoop out fruits like oranges or melons to attract slugs and leave them beside vulnerable plants, check these regularly to keep tabs on slug numbers.

Plant for Summer

Look forward to a vibrant summertime garden by planting summer flowering bulbs this month. Daffodils and tulips originate from warmer climes so those do best in areas with decent drainage and lots of sunlight. A striking border may need up to 50 bulbs so measure and plan your border. The more bulbs grouped together, the fuller the display so aim to plant bulbs in groups of at least six. If you have pots for planting, large flowering plants like lillies and alliums are a great choice as they grow well in containers and are eye catching when in bloom.

Crowd Control

Weed and hoe your beds to prevent unwanted guests getting out of hand. Prune hedges and climbing plants too before their growing season is in full swing.

We’re hoping for some more sunshine this month, so while you’re out gardening in March you might just get a little colour in your cheeks too!