With Christmas just around the corner, we are also approaching the coldest month of the year. For your garden, this means employing some simple measures to protect your handy work from the elements. Before the cold weather hits, make sure you’re ready with our January Gardening Top Tips.

  • Covers and supports – be sure to check over all supports and coverings for damage and strategically position plants to make the best of reduced daylight.
  • Pre-Spring Clean – January may seem never ending, but spring is just around the corner! Clean out pots, sheds and greenhouses ready for the next year.
  • Tidy edges – trim and re-set any edges while lawns are dormant.
  • Turn over soil – before the big freeze, fork over any vacant plots to both prepare the soil and expose pests for hungry birds. Hoeing away persistent weeds will keep them at bay before springtime.
  • Tubers – check on any stored tubers that may have become dried out or rotten.
  • Fruit trees – prune back apple and pear trees.
  • Rhubarb – start forcing rhubarb plants.
  • Preparation and planning – think about next year’s vegetable plot, considering suitable crop rotations.
  • Tools and maintenance – clean up and check your garden tools for damage. Have the lawnmower and any other mechanical equipment serviced, ready to get back to work in the spring.
  • Stock up on bird feed – as temperatures drop don’t forget to fill up bird tables and feeders as forage for birds becomes scarce.
  • Recycle the tree – once the mince pies are all eaten and the baubles are packed away for another year, don’t forget to shred up your christmas tree for mulch!

Invest a little time in your garden in the start of the year with our January Gardening Top Tips and prepare to reap the rewards in the new year! Take a look at our Gardening Blog for tip tops year round!