Take a walk through forgotten time at The Dino Park. Looking for things to do in Dumfries? Come and meet some of the great beasts that once used to live on our planet millions of years ago! Undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Dumfries (we are biased we know), a trip to the Dino park is a great family day out. Both fun and educational, the Dino Park is an exciting history lesson on the great giants that once were!


Meaning near crested lizard this dinosaur was one of the plant eaters. They grew to about 12m long and to around 2000 kg in weight! They guys had no natural defences so often fell victim to the bigger guys in the playground, like the T-rex. The Parasaurolophus had hundreds of teeth but only used a few at a time.


The T-Rex was one of the biggest meat eating dinosaurs that ever lived! Their teeth were so strong they would easily crush through flesh and bone. The most fearsome dinosaur in the park by far! Compared to the lighter Parasaurolophus, these guys weighed in at a hefty 9000 kgs! Fossil evidence shows us that the t-rex could grow up to 6metres high and 12 metres long! And they were fast too, there wasn’t many dinosaurs that could escape that 4ft long jaw!Things to do Dumfries



The Brachiosaurus is another one of the plant eating dinosaurs however this one is much bigger! Like Giraffes, these dinosaurs ate the leaves from the tops of trees…except the trees were 9 metres tall! The Brachiosaurus could grow up to the same height as two double decker buses on top of each other! Imagine that! One of the largest animals ever to walk the earth, these dinosaurs lived around 153 million years ago!



Hatching out of eggs the size of melons, these baby dinosaurs have to grow into their horns. With their horns and shielded head these dinosaurs could look quite scary. However they are simply gentle giants feasting only on plants and herbs. Their horns are purely for defense and would be used similar to the way a rhino uses their horns.




Bigger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex this deadly meat eater had a huge sail like fin on its back. The fin could have been used to ward off attackers to make themselves look bigger or to attract mates. The largest fin ever found was around 1.7 metres long! Just imagine how big these dinosaurs actually were. They lived similar to crocodiles, both on land and in water.


Pteranodon means ‘toothless wing’, literally because they flew and had no teeth. This is the largest known flying reptile with a wingspan that would put all birds to shame! These flying reptiles were mainly fish eaters but still very aggressive.


The sneakiest of all the dinosaurs in the park. These were thought to be one of the most intelligent of all the dinosaurs. Velociraptor means ‘swift thief’, due to their small size they were very agile. Despite often mentioned alongside the t-rex as a meat eater these guys were tiny! At only three feet high they could run up to 40 mph though! They were even thought to have feathers!



A relative of the Velociraptor, the Deinonychus was a fast moving agile killer. This bird like dinosaur was a vicious killer with serrated teeth and a powerful jaw. Measuring at 5 ft tall and 10 feet long this dinosaur was not one to be argued with.



This ornately decorated dinosaur is another part of the herbivore family. Although, the Stegosaurus can put up a good fight when threatened using the four spikes on its tail to attack! This four legged dinosaur can weigh up to 5000kgs!


This small dinosaur is similar to the Velociraptor in that it’s small and deadly. They only weighed around 15 kgs but they had a deadly sickle like claw that you didn’t want to be on the receiving end of!


The Utahraptor was also part of the raptor family. This bird-like dinosaur had a long terrifying middle toe claw. Its long tail helped with balance and agility so it could make fast turns when chasings it’s prey.


Postosuchus was a fierce crocodile like predator. It had sharp pointed teeth like other carnivorous dinosaurs with small plates along the backbone to protect from other predators. It walked on four limbs and grew up to 6m long.


This dinosaur had the largest skull ever found for any known land dwelling animal. They had three horns on its head, most of which was made up of the large head frill and two false horns on the side mainly just used to anchor their jaw in place. Another herbivore this dinosaur used its parrot like beak to chew through plants.


The Apatosaurus is one of the largest animals ever to have walked the earth! This dinosaur could grow to as long as two school buses parked bumper to bumper! They also weighed about the same as 4 male African Elephants! Similar to the Brachiosaurus they were long necked dinosaurs with a whip like tail.


That was a whistle stop tour of some of the dinosaurs that we have here at the Dino Park. With the school holidays on the way, this is a great kids activity in Dumfries to keep you occupied. To make the most of the experience you need to come and take a walk among the dinosaurs first hand. They really do come to life!